Quotation Request Form for Super Satin Printed Labels


This form is designed with the purpose of making requests for quotes nice and easy for you and making sure we get all of your requirements right and avoid mistakes.
Now before you begin there are a couple of things that will make it easier to understand so please read on. Super Satin Printed Labels are a cheaper way of branding your product as compared to woven labels. However it should be remembered that Woven labels will not fade or wash out. Printed labels will fade and wash out with time. It is imposible to say how long they will last as we have no way of knowing how they will be cleaned. They are ideal for situations where the product does not undergo regular washing. If when washing, a non-stain removing wash powder or liquid is used, this will prolong their durability.
This statement does not imply a guarantee against fading. If you wish we will send samples so that you can test them. Just send an email requesting samples of Super Satin Printed Labels.

Quantity of Labels Required. Just select the quantity you require, minimum run 1000.

Type of Label Required. Select the type of label required from the drop down list.
Colour of Satin required. Only White Satin can be printed both sides. Only White Satin can be supplied in Self Adhesive. Select the type of label required from the drop down list.

Shape of Label. This is self explanatory.

Width of Label.  Use either millimeters or inches, whichever you are happy with.
Length of Label. Can be any length.
Detail Colours. Please use the colour chart on the Super Satin sample page. Just click hear for reference. If you would like back of the label printed with care instuctions, this will be printed with one of the colours used on the front of the label.

Background Colour.

Additional Detail. You may use this box to tell us of any special details about your label. Also if you would like any assistance in your label design. Let us know any basic idea that you have and we will attempt to provide some suggested designs. For instance if you want a rabbit or a butterfly or just text, give us an idea and we will see what we can do to help. There is no charge for this, all part of the service. Your quotation will normally be sent within 24 hours of receipt of your request. However please bear in mind the different time zones around the world.
Please provide the following contact information: Please be SURE to include your correct email address for us to send you your quotation. Please type it in in the correct format. Thank you.
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