Quotation Request Form for Zip Pulls

Quantity of Zip Pulls Required. Just select the quantity you require.1000 is the minimum run.

Type of Zip Pull Required. Select the type zip pull required from the drop down list.
Weave Quality. This is the type of thread used to weave the labels. If the background of your label is to be a
                            dark colour, choose Taffeta. If you want to use a dark colour detail on a light colour background,
                            choose Satin, it is a little dearer but better.
Width Require.  This is self explanatory.
Length of Zip Pull Required  Use either millimeters or inches, whichever you are happy with.
          Detail Colours. If you are familiar with the Pantone colour matching system you can quote the colour
                                    numbers. However if you are not, type in the colours IE Red, Blue etc. We can get down to
                                    the fine detail if and when you decide to place an order.
        Background Colour. Same as above.
Additional Detail. You may use this box to tell us of any special details about your zip pull. Also if you would like
                               any assistance in designing your zip pull. Let us know any basic idea that you have and we will
                               attempt to provide some suggested design. No charge for
                              this, all part of the service. Your quotation will normally be sent within a couple of hours.
                               of receipt of your request. However, please bear in mind the different time zones around the
Please provide the following contact information:{ Please be SURE to include your correct email address
                                                                                for us to send you your quotation. Please type it in in the correct
                                                                                format . If it has capital letters, Type them as capitals, if it has no
                                                                                capital letters, only type the address in small type. Thank you. }
Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
  Before pressing the submit button. Please check that your Email address is correct.

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